About the company

We help Buyers to purchase quality and necessary products at favourable price

The present of each of us is a constant affirmation of one's life position, full of goals, principles and values. We are convinced that if you choose the right path for yourself, you can conquer any summit.

Every day more than 120,000 customers come to us. Our task is not just to sell them the goods or provide the necessary service, but to do it the best possible way. Showing respect, concern and love to our buyer, we must constantly improve our standards and encourage other chains to raise the level, we must be a model for other chains. We are convinced that the formation of culture and high standards in retail sales will lead to an improvement in the quality of life in Ukraine. Group of Companies "Evrotek" began its activity in 1995 and since then, striding forward, creates its own history. Developing, we have found our destination in the retail market.

The Evrotek Group of Companies includes the Development Company realizing the real estate management and the Retail Company Alyans Market, which provides our stores with everything necessary for the buyer.

We have united 4 chains: Fresh, Arsen, Soyuz, Kvartal. All of them are of different formats: supermarkets, minimarkets, convenience stores. Working in various formats allows us to constantly expand the scope of our activities, increase the competitiveness of stores and increase the number of regular customers with the widest varieties of consumer needs and incomes. The company offers a wide range of products: food and non-food groups, own-produced goods and a full range of additional services.

We are meticulous about the quality of those products that are sold in our stores, we hold tenders for suppliers, we support the national manufacturer. We are exceedingly concerned with our own-produced goods, which quality is monitored on a daily basis.

We have set a challenge ahead of ourselves of being the first ones and to perform irreproachably our duties to the buyer, partner and employee and we are steadily moving towards this goal.